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My winery isn’t traditional, nor is it a typical family business. Instead it’s young and innovative

Although I come from a traditional winemakers family, which has gave me the most important knowledge for making wine, I have become inspired and gained the most experience from wineries in Austria, Spain and New Zealand. But without the support of my family, this winery wouldn’t come to exist.

When making wine, quality comes first.I guess you could say that I’m a bit obsessed with quality and detail when it comes to making wine. Thanks to the knowledge, that has been passed down to me by my grandparents, I can properly react to the needs of my vineyards and effect the final quality of the grapes. In the cellar I mainly trust my senses, I like trying out new things and I'm constantly thinking about the quality.

My winery can be found in Hustopeče. Which, for centuries, has been one of the biggest wine producing towns in Czech. 

I am glad, that I have the opportunity to make wine right here in Hustopeče and take advantage of the land’s potential.

Roman Fabig