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Sauvignony na Podkorkem.cz

7. 11. 2023 Sauvignony na Podkorkem.cz

Koncem října proběhla na webu Podkorkem.cz slepá degustace Sauvignonu Blanc. Z desítky sauvignonů, které tvořil průřez z Nového i Starého světa, naše dva sauvignony hodnotitelé umístili na druhé a třetí místo. Velká radost vědět, že jdeme správnou cestou. Děkujeme! 

The brand new sekt FATAL

22. 8. 2023 The brand new sekt FATAL

FATAL. For some, a femme fatale, for the Porsche brand, a vehicle of fate that has a clearly defined foundation upon which to build on and innovate. It changes in the details. For me, these are strong values that have been tested by time. And for me, these fateful encounters with winemakers, sommeliers and their ideas, which have really fatally and irreversibly affected me and shaped my path, my perception of quality and the world of wine as a whole. In the most basic definition, it is a deep respect for tradition, place and longevity of thought. Only in retrospect do I perceive that this is exactly the path I truly believe in. I just couldn't put a name to it. Maybe you are familiar with it. You want to create the most ideal result, but inspiration still doesn't come. And then something happens that in the back of your mind you perceive as fate. Everything suddenly fits together and makes sense to you.

The name of this sect Fatal is for me personally very meaningful. The road to this wine was very long, intertwined with fateful encounters. And it may well be fatal for some of you after tasting it. Let me now introduce to you Sect FATAL, edition No.1. - A blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon. Fermented in barrels and consisting of several vintages. Maximum possible complexity. Aged on the lees for a minimum of 36 months, BRUT Nature.

For the fourth time in a row we have the best Sauvignon in the Czech Republic!

9. 12. 2022 For the fourth time in a row we have the best Sauvignon in the Czech Republic!

I feel a huge sense of satisfaction for the direction we are going. In the words of the master: now I really, truly did not expect it (Karel Gott). The 2021 vintage was downright ideal (not only) for sauvignons. And I knew that my other fellow winemakers would be equally successful. I had already tasted the wines from the barrels at the Thaya Winery in the spring and it was really a perfect job by Jakub Smrčka. So during the phone call from Wine & Tasting, I was nervous about how we actually ended up. And we proved ourselves. First and second place. Huge joy and I look forward to the challenges of future years. Thank you and I definitely recommend focusing on the 2021 vintage Moravian sauvignons, it's worth it.

The first BIG Cabernet Moravia

31. 10. 2022

We have our very first BIG Cabernet Moravia! The 2019 vintage, 30 months of barrel ageing.

This wine has a lot of symbolism for me and actually our whole family. It was the last day of the 2019 vintage when we picked the grapes of this wine and when the one who brought me to wine passed away from this world. My grandfather Antonín Sůkal. And actually, even with the bad news, I was looking forward to today when the wine would be ready after ageing. The result was a wine of great significance for our family and a very good vintage.

The reputation of this variety among winemakers is not very good, but I rather see it as misunderstood and planted in inappropriate positions. I think it needs extremely dry sites with practically infertile soil. My experience is that in these conditions it produces exceptionally interesting and, above all, unmistakable wines. That's why I enjoy it. And maybe also because I have fallen for Sauvignon and this variety has a lot in common with it.

To sum it up. Hated by some, loved by me. I am aware of its negative aspects, but I just enjoy this variety and I know it's fun to work with it. It's just more demanding in specific conditions. And maybe you too will find your way to this variety through this wine.

A.S. *30.12.1938 †21.10.2019


22. 10. 2022 Collapse

"Find what you love and let it kill you."

This quote is by Charles Bukowski. I can responsibly say that I have found IT. After a few days of grape harvesting, my body gave up. After a month in the hospital, I am back and ready to love again. With only minor changes in my life.

I really love winemaking and everything around it. My brain was still going full blast. I didn't know how to turn it off. It didn't even occur to me that I was doing anything wrong. That's what happens when you love something. I lived for winery from waking up to falling asleep. And so the brain shut itself off. I collapsed and ended up in the hospital. "If you couldn't get off the train on your own, now the train has crashed to make you stop." That's what I heard from the doctors. Ignoring the fatigue and bad mood preceded it. 

When you spend a month in the hospital, you run out of things. Although not everything is always ideal and as you plan it. In my case, the 2022 vintage and the wines. I already know that some wines will be sold out and unavailable for quite some time, especially our flagship wines. Never mind. You can't imagine the feeling of panic and helplessness at the same time when my family told me I had to say goodbye to the 2022 vintage. Two days of denial followed. In retrospect, I can thank my entire family and their consistent insistence that I remain stable and rest in the hospital. And I must also thank the Young Winemakers (Mladí vinaři) and my colleagues at SONBERK Winery and all of you who offered to help me. Honestly, I was very touched and I did not expect it. A big THANK YOU.

And what did I realize in that month? That health really comes first (because otherwise you're really screwed), that I couldn't do it without the support of my family and friends, and that even if what you love can consume you and fulfill you, you need to set some boundaries, not try to please everyone, and be able to relax. I thought I was relaxing with my regular running. But only now did I realize that while I was resting physically, my mind was still thinking about winemaking. So not like that anymore.

So take care of yourselves, and I add optimistically that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Have a good day and rest.


13. 4. 2022

We have news! Sauvignon Blanc coupage from our best vineyards.

We got a present

17. 12. 2021 We got a present

We got a little present! If you are looking for a great sparkling wine or champagne, we can always help you with that.

The new edition of the Guide to the best wines of the Czech Republic has just arrived!

15. 12. 2021 The new edition of the Guide to the best wines of the Czech Republic has just arrived!

For the 3rd year in a row we defended the winner in the TOP 3 Sauvignon category in the Best Wine Guide of the Czech Republic. These are exactly the moments of joy for everyone in the winery and a commitment for the years to come. THANK YOU!

We have rated another vintage in the Robert Parker Wine Advocate!

13. 8. 2021 We have rated another vintage in the Robert Parker Wine Advocate!
Whoa! We got PARKER! We got more points than last year! We have more rated wines! After months of waiting, we have results.
And you know what's great? That the Czech Republic is expanding its ranks of Robert Parker Wine Advocate. A big congratulations goes out to Vinařství Krásná hora!

The Renaissance. Our new flagship wine.

28. 7. 2021 The Renaissance. Our new flagship wine.
Self-improvement never ends. The world around us is becoming more and more specialized, and I'm trying to do that in wine. Renaissance is a shift in human perception. In the perception of the diversity of the Sauvignon Blanc variety as it can be.

The idea of exhausting all the possibilities to get the most character out of a wine was here long before the first Renaissance. With the 2020 vintage you have the opportunity to taste something completely unique.