FATAL No.1 Non Vintage

FATAL No.1 Non Vintage

FATAL. For some, a femme fatale, for the Porsche brand, a vehicle of fate that has a clearly defined foundation upon which to build on and innovate. It changes in the details. For me, these are strong values that have been tested by time. And for me, these fateful encounters with winemakers, sommeliers and their ideas, which have really fatally and irreversibly affected me and shaped my path, my perception of quality and the world of wine as a whole. In the most basic definition, it is a deep respect for tradition, place and longevity of thought. Only in retrospect do I perceive that this is exactly the path I truly believe in. I just couldn't put a name to it. Maybe you are familiar with it. You want to create the most ideal result, but inspiration still doesn't come. And then something happens that in the back of your mind you perceive as fate. Everything suddenly fits together and makes sense to you.

The name of this sect Fatal is for me personally very meaningful. The road to this wine was very long, intertwined with fateful encounters. And it may well be fatal for some of you after tasting it. Let me now introduce to you Sect FATAL, edition No.1. - A blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon. Fermented in barrels and consisting of several vintages. Maximum possible complexity. Aged on the lees for a minimum of 36 months, BRUT Nature.
Edition No.1: Sauvignon 2018 – 25%, Chardonnay 2019 – 40%, Sauvignon 2019 – 10%, Sauvignon 2020 - 25%
  • Alc. 12,5%
  • Residual sugar 0,2 g/l
  • Acid 6,3 g/l

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