Cabernet Moravia 2019

Cabernet Moravia 2019

The first BIG Cabernet Moravia. 30 months of barrel ageing.

This wine has a lot of symbolism for me and actually our whole family. It was the last day of the 2019 vintage when we picked the grapes of this wine and when the one who brought me to wine passed away from this world. My grandfather Antonín Sůkal. And actually, even with the bad news, I was looking forward to today when the wine would be ready after ageing. The result was a wine of great significance for our family and a very good vintage.

Hated by some, loved by me. I enjoy this variety and I know it's fun to work with it.. My experience is that in the right conditions it produces exceptionally interesting and, above all, remarkable wines.

  • Alc. 12,5 %
  • Residual sugar 0,5 g/l
  • Acid 4,9 g/l

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