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BIG Chardonnay at Vineval

24. 5. 2020 BIG Chardonnay at Vineval

An evaluation of our 2016, 2017 and 2018 BIG Chardonnay was written for Vineval by Petr Lipový. Each a little different and each very specific. Read here .


Interview for pro Ego! magazine

16. 5. 2020 Interview for pro Ego! magazine

Thank you for a pleasant talk about our beginnings, journey and direction the winery is taking.

Grand test Sauvignon in W&D

15. 4. 2020 Grand test Sauvignon in W&D

Have you already seen the April Grand test in the Wine & Degustation magazine, with its focus on Sauvignon? Some of you have already noticed and I would like to thank you for the congratulations! It made us very happy :)

Support to your local restaurant

25. 3. 2020 Support to your local restaurant

With DrinkingAgainstSinking initiative, winemakers want to support their local community and small businesses. Every Drinking-Against-Sinking-Wine will cost at least 20€ and is available at every winery that participates in this project. Part of this money will stay with the wine maker to cover their costs. The rest will be given to local businesses, like restaurants and retailers, to support them.

We are on board with our special edition Sauvignon Blanc MAGNUM. It's not normally on sale. 

Thank you for your help and support!

Doprava vín z eshopu za 0,-

18. 3. 2020 Doprava vín z eshopu za 0,-

Milí zákazníci,

vzhledem k mimořádnému nařízení vlády ČR je cesta k našemu vínu ztížená. Párování našich vín s jídly ve vašich oblíbených restauracích si teď nemůžete užívat. Pokud se ale pouštíte do domácích kulinářských aktivit, rádi by jsme při tom byli s Vámi. Proto do zrušení aktuálních nařízení si můžete objednávat vína z našeho eshopu a neplatíte dopravu.

Mnoho zdraví do následujících dnů 

A guide of the best Czech wines 2019-2020

2. 12. 2019 A guide of the best Czech wines 2019-2020

Nearly after a year a new issue of the Guide of the best Czech wines for the year of 2019-2020, from Wine & Degustation, has arrived. I’m very thankful that the judges have awarded us the highest amount of stars, for the second year in a row now. In the Guide you will also be able to find an overview of the best wines per each variety. Two of our own wines are in the category of TOP 3 Sauvignon. I’m extremely happy that in a competition of 153 wineries the judges chose two of our wines to place in the TOP Sauvignon category. Considering how the Guide is oriented and the criteria required to pass with the judges, this is a huge accomplishment for me. Thank you!

Prague Wine Trophy 2019

22. 8. 2019 Prague Wine Trophy 2019

Surprise of the day! We didn’t even know that one of our sellers singed up our Sauvignon blanc “Na výsluní” 2017 in to the second round of the Prague Wine Trophy. And we won gold! Thank you!

A recommendation for the 5 most beautiful wineries according to Forbes

31. 7. 2019 A recommendation for the 5 most beautiful wineries according to Forbes

Forbes Czech mentions 5 recommendations for the most beautiful wineries in Moravia. And among them was ours. Thank you very much! And I myself would also like to recommend all the other mentioned wineries. It’s quite an experience!

International Sauvignon Blanc Day

23. 4. 2019 International Sauvignon Blanc Day

International Sauvignon Blanc Day is somewhat of a holiday for me. This year it falls on the 3rd of May, and I am very happy that I will be at Selaví restaurant, in Slovakia, which houses Jiří Zajíček’s perfect cooking. With a five course menu you can also get all of your Sauvignons (single vineyards Růženy, Stará hora, Na výsluní, Sahara and BIG). A big thanks to the team of Selaví. I’m looking forward to the celebration.

A really big Sauvignon from Fabig

16. 4. 2019 A really big Sauvignon from Fabig

And how others like our Sauvignon, you can read here Podkorkem.cz. Thank you!