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The new edition of the Guide to the best wines of the Czech Republic has just arrived!

15. 12. 2021 The new edition of the Guide to the best wines of the Czech Republic has just arrived!

For the 3rd year in a row we defended the winner in the TOP 3 Sauvignon category in the Best Wine Guide of the Czech Republic. These are exactly the moments of joy for everyone in the winery and a commitment for the years to come. THANK YOU!

We have rated another vintage in the Robert Parker Wine Advocate!

13. 8. 2021 We have rated another vintage in the Robert Parker Wine Advocate!
Whoa! We got PARKER! We got more points than last year! We have more rated wines! After months of waiting, we have results.
And you know what's great? That the Czech Republic is expanding its ranks of Robert Parker Wine Advocate. A big congratulations goes out to Vinařství Krásná hora!

The Renaissance. Our new flagship wine.

28. 7. 2021 The Renaissance. Our new flagship wine.
Self-improvement never ends. The world around us is becoming more and more specialized, and I'm trying to do that in wine. Renaissance is a shift in human perception. In the perception of the diversity of the Sauvignon Blanc variety as it can be.

The idea of exhausting all the possibilities to get the most character out of a wine was here long before the first Renaissance. With the 2020 vintage you have the opportunity to taste something completely unique.

Fabig winery grows in minimalist style by Ječmen-Caha architects

16. 7. 2021 Fabig winery grows in minimalist style by Ječmen-Caha architects

Thanks for the mention on Archspace.cz! You can read more about the next stage of the winery HERE. 

Magnum interview on GourmetSpirit

18. 5. 2021 Magnum interview on GourmetSpirit

This interview on GourmetSpirit was published exactly a month ago and I only read it today. It was so long :) Actually, the whole interview and subsequent reading was a bit of a retrospective for me of what has happened over the past few years. Who cares about our news, that's a bite too. In short, if you like Sauvignon, I recommend you prepare asparagus for dinner, open some awesome bottle and I believe that with the following sentences the day will be a bit more pleasant again. Enjoy!

Great arrival of Moravian sparkling wines

1. 2. 2021 Great arrival of Moravian sparkling wines

Sekt? This category of wines tasted sommelier Mikuláš (Podkorkem.cz). You can read opinion of winemakers and check tested wines.

Sekt Sauvignon Blanc 2018

29. 11. 2020 Sekt Sauvignon Blanc 2018

A novelty for the end of the year 2020, something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. For me personally a big challenge and after 26 months from the processing of the grapes, we finally have our results. A sekt from the variety of Sauvignon Blanc produced in the traditional way of fermenting the wine in the bottles. An elegant and fine matter.

And I’d like to thank everyone who trusted in a good outcome for this wine and some even several months in advance. The sekt is on its way to you.

New edition of “The best wines of Czechia - Guide 2020-2021”

18. 11. 2020 New edition of “The best wines of Czechia - Guide 2020-2021”

Wow! I’ve been waiting for the new edition of the book “Best wines of CZ 2020-2021” with great anticipation and we have just received our own copy from Wine & Degustation. To uphold 3 stars among the best wineries in the Czech Republic, three years in a row, is a huge success. To uphold two wines in the TOP 3 Sauvignon, to be honest, is something I didn’t even hope for but it made me very happy. And to add to all of that, three of our wines are in the TOP 3 Chardonnay. This was great news to me, thank you very much!

I am also very happy for all the other wineries. It is great to watch how our quality of wine is rising up in the world. Congratulations to all of my colleagues! If you’re looking for some great wine references, here you have them all in one place.

Robert Parker Wine Advocate

1. 7. 2020 Robert Parker Wine Advocate

ROBERT PARKER is a living legend and considered to be one of the most well-known and influential wine critics in the world. His opinions have been respected and looked up to in the wine and sommelier world for over three decades now. In many cases the prices of the most popular wines in the world are based off of his evaluations. As a winery you can not force an evaluation to happen, or pay for one. All you can do is hope that your wines will be chosen. It is something like the Michelin Guide, but in the world of wine. If Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate team publishes your wine’s evaluation and you get in to the database of evaluated wines, it’s a huge accomplishment. Many selected wines are never published.

So far, not one Czech wine has ever been evaluated by the Robert Parker Wine Advocate. I’m incredibly happy that our three sauvignons have had the honor to be the first wines in this database. To be more specific Sauvignon Blanc Na výsluní 2018 (89 points), BIG Sauvignon Blanc 2018 (88 points) and Sauvignon Blanc Sahara 2018 (88 points). These evaluations are very strict and I believe that more wines from CZ will follow soon and they will gain more and more respect in the world. Thank you!

Grand test Chardonnay in W&D

30. 5. 2020 Grand test Chardonnay in W&D

Coincidentally a moth after the April evaluation of Sauvignons in the Wine & Degustatiton magazine, a test of Chardonnays took place, in which we also participated. We are happy to have received a bronze medal and would also like to congratulate our colleagues in first and second place! And I wish the rest of you a pleasant reading.